Teaser editing with @fastone and @taraldoo
Playing an early show tonight at #munkehaugen (at Munkehaugen Kultursenter)
Behind the scenes shot from the cabin session a few weeks ago. Photo by @fastone

It’s been some time since I laid down some text. Here’s what’s been up. In March I began studio sessions for Where The Valley Is Long, and in early April we wrapped up the last stage of that process. Recording took place at Krutt Studio, led by Ole Ronny Bøe. The studio is on an island in Kristiansand called Odderøya. Now home to various galleries, artisanal coffee shops and various sound and art studios, the island is a former military base and boot camp for southern Norway’s coastal artillery. Ronny and I took a few hikes around Odderøya on our breaks between tracking and got to see the many interesting traces of military activity. Crumbled remains of forts, a cannon foundation and other such neat structures. The studio space itself is set up inside an old building that soldiers would live in.

Listeners will hear some slight changes from 2013’s demo versions but the most noticeable change is the addition of a new band member! I’m so honoured that the super talented Anlaug Seljasson Stabell was able to join me on this record, wielding her bow across her hundred-plus year old cello gave me some serious goosebumps. Big thanks to Egil Ødegaard for all of the careful thought he put forward learning the songs and arranging the cello parts.

Mastering is about to begin, artwork is set up, release date is forthcoming. Can’t wait to share this all with you.

Cabin retreat in Hardeberg to shoot a music video.  (at Hardeberg)
Tonight’s program details. #historieforetelling (at Pir6)
Final days, cello tracking. #wherethevalleyislong (at Odderøya 56)